These are the processes that we can carry through: cutting, sanding, sizing and planing. 

When it comes to thicknessing, it is necessary to take into account a tolerance of a few tenths of a millimeter.

Kindly keep in mind that ours are Sawmill machines and do not have sufficient finishing capacity to deliver pieces ready for final processing (for example glueing-up).

Some processes have a fixed cost, for others a quote will be provided.

The following are the fixed rates:

  • thicknessing and sanding of soundboards, back and sides sets, € 2,00 each process.
  • thicknessing, planing, body cutting, € 5,00 each process. 

When making a request through the online catalog, you have the option of adding the "Processing" option, selecting from the drop-down menu the item you want to be worked on. It will be then sufficient to specify in the "notes" field the minimum measures you need.

For thicknessing or processing work on other instruments, please contact us in advance: we will provide you with a quote when ordering.

For more complex and lengthy processes, the cost is calculated on an hourly basis: € 60.00 / h per man.

Prices are tax not included