The Rivolta Family has been dealing with and processing wood for four generations.

Our great-grandfather began by selling carpentry wood. Through the decades we have then specialized in tonewood, ideal for the construction of musical instruments, in particular bow instruments (violins, violas, cellos, etc.), guitars and harpsichord. This is now our main activity, though we still supply quality sawn sizes for restoration, turnery, and handicraft objects. 

Strong of a century long family business, we buy the best and most precious woods from all continents, choosing and cutting the logs; the timber is then air dried with great care in our Sawmill in Desio.

The quality and the variety of the woods we deal with allow us to select the most suitable and appropriate material for each purpose and each customer.

We process the various types of wood and cut them to sizes following the requirements of tradition and according to what our life-long experience and expertise suggest. Our customers are factories, artisans and instrument makers from all over the world, together with all those who simply share a passion for wood. 

Since forty years we devote all our expertise to the world of stringed instruments making. We are specialized in the processing of Italian Alpine Spruce, Indian Rosewood and African Ebony, ideal for instrument making, together with Cypress, Poplar and many others. Apart from the standard production, we are always looking for woods used in Italian traditional stringed instrument making such as Willow, Figured Maple and European Boxwood. You can find our wood database here

On our website you will find more information about how we work and our production. 

Hoping to meet you in person at our Desio Sawmill in the near future, we remain at your full disposal for any information you may need, from types of wood to formats and processings.