Figured Maple  

Latin name: Acer sp

Origin: Romania

Arrival: April 2021 

Two batches of Figured Maple have arrived in April. Boards with one year of seasoning comprise the first batch: in the coming months they will be worked on to make necks, keyboards and bodies for electric instruments. The second batch includes already sawn sets for cello back / sides, one-piece backs for viola and violin, as well as cello and violin necks. These already sawn elements are of excellent quality and of 2-3 years of seasoning (origin: Romania).  

Arrival: February 2020

Violin and Cello backs, high quality

Italian Alpine Spruce

Latin name: Picea Excelsa

Origin: Italy, Dolomites

Arrival: March 2021 

We are completing the transformation of the trunks into boards and wedges, from which we will obtain: soundboards for guitar, double bass, cello, viola and violin.  

Arrival: March 2019 - April 2020

Processed into violin, viola and cello soundboards. Guitar soundboards will be processed this autumn.



Latin name: Salix Alba

Origin: Italy

Arrival: April 2021 

New stock of sawn timber from Italy. In the next few months, work will be carried out to obtain whole cello backs, blanks for guitar kerfings and doublebass blocks.  

Figured Poplar

Latin name: Populus sp

Origin: Italy

Arrival: May 2021 

Among the European woods, and more particularly among the Italian ones recently arrived, we also have Figured Poplar: quarters of trunk that will be sawn into boards in the coming months.  


Latin name: Prunus Domestica

Origin: Italy

Arrival: May 2021 

Another small stock of Blackthorn boards will arrive at the sawmill in May. Seasoned for 1 year.  

Arrival: October 2020 

We found a small quantity of Blackthorn: boards in a useful size for making set up of musical instruments and for turnery in general.  


Latin name: Terminalia superba

Origin: Congo

Arrival: April 2021 

White Korina boards that we will use to produce electric instrument necks, as well as one-piece and two-piece bodies.  


Latin name: Alnus Glutinosa

Origin: USA

Arrival: September 2020 

The sawn timber received last year was transformed into 2/3 piece bodies and a very limited number of one-piece bodies: we only have 4 and you can find them here.

Spanish Cedar

Latin name: Cedrela Odorata

Origin: Bolivia

Arrival: April 2020

Boards 80 mm thick, guitar neck blanks and humidor sheets



Latin name: Dalbergia Retusa

Origin: Nicaragua

Arrival: April 2020

Boards 40/50 mm thick


Latin name: Tilia Platyphylla

Origin: Europe

Arrival: September 2019 

Lumbers in various thickness (up to 80 mm). Body blanks and turning blocks available.

Pear wood

Latin name: Pirus Communis

Origin: Europe

Arrival: July 2019

Beautiful and even color,  we produced doublebass, viola da gamba, violin and viola sets, as well as guitar back and sides

tavole di pero


Latin name: Cordia dodecandra

Origin: Mexico

Arrival: June 2019

Products: guitar sets and sawn sizes for woodworking


Latin name: Machaerium Villosum

Origin: Bolivia, Brazil

Arrival: April 2019 - January 2020

Products: We received a good stock of Santos boards, various thickness. We processed some back and sides guitar sets  and fingerboards. Blocks for woodworking are also available. 

Pequia Marfim

Latin name: Aspidosperma desmanthum

Origin: Brazil

Arrival: March 2019

Products: We received boards and sawn sizes, such as billiard cues, bow limbs, knives handles


African Ebony

Latin name: Diospyros Crassiflora

Origin: Camerun 

Arrival: January 2018

Products: Fresh cut wood with large dimension. For more informatio, see our blog post